The Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE) is an institution committed to provide training in technical skills and entrepreneurship, values formation, and social services to the less privileged youth, their families, the local community and the industrial sector of Visayas and Mindanao. We aim to develop in them a high sense of professionalism and a deep Christian and social-oriented spirit.

Soon they will leave the portals, but surely they left some memories only they can carve.
Electrical Technology graduate now works as safety engineer in a big engineering company in Doha-Q....
At the heart of the mentoring are the children who are the most vulnerable among us.
Blessed Alvaro's visit in 1987 leaves the Cebuanos a gift they'll never forget.
Help a scholar stay in school through your contributions and be a beacon of hope for others
Consider a technical course after high school and make a quick leap into the workforce.
Dare to take the exam? Check out the latest result of the admission test conducted to the applicants...

November 2014
November 03 - November 03
Whole day activity
(Mon - Mon)
Work Resumes and Classes resume for Monday Group of In-plant Trainees
November 04 - November 04
Whole day activity
(Tue - Tue)
Classes Resume for All Year Level
November 08 - November 08
Whole day activity
(Sat - Sat)
Pre-STOP Orientation for November batch
November 08 - November 08
08:00 am - 06:00 am
(Sat - Sat)
Job Preparation Seminar for the Graduating Batch
November 13 - November 13
Whole day activity
(Thu - Thu)
Deliberation of Graduating Batch
November 15 - November 15
08:00 am - 12:00 am
(Sat - Sat)
DTS Recognition Day
November 15 - November 15
Whole day activity
(Sat - Sat)
24th Commencement Exercises
November 19 - November 21
Whole day activity
(Wed - Fri)
Special Training Orientation Program
November 22 - November 22
01:00 pm - 05:00 pm
(Sat - Sat)
Parenting Seminar (All Year Levels)
November 24 - November 28
Whole day activity
(Mon - Fri)
Final Examinations for Students for Placement; Practical Examinations for Lab Subjects
November 28 - November 28
03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
(Fri - Fri)
Monthly General Get-Together (Sponsor: Oratory Club)